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cva rifles?

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anyone on here familiar with any of the single shot cva rifles? ive noticed academy sports has a the all black cva hunter for like 179.99 and its got several good reviews on their website. Ive heard of cool down issues with the h and r handi rifles. Im wondering if you experience the same difficulties with the cva. seems like a great gun for the value
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I have a cva scout .35 whelen. I love it! Better than the handi rifle in every department. I'll continue to hunt with my scout long after they do away with the primitive weapon season.
I think they are great for the price. I just bought a CVA Optima Elite in .308. Its a fancier version of the one you are looking at but im sure the quality is the same. I love mine, shoots good.
I haven't heard anything bad out of either of them, but if I am not mistaken the CVA hunter doesn't have the Bergara barrel like the Optima Elite does. Not sure about the price differences, but I would check into it before buying. CVA also made one that I believe was called the Elite Stalker that was cheaper than the Optima Elite and did have the Bergara Barrel.
I've got a cva stainless stalker. No problems with it. Wish I would have gotten the scout.shorter and lighter.
I have a scout in .35 Whelen and love it. I generally hunt with it all season.[smile]
I got the $180 one you are talking about for X-mas in 22-250. Due to factors such as lack of ammo and a scope- I did not have time to shoot it before season ended. I've since put a scope on it but still have not shot it yet. I will say that it does not have the Bergara barrel. I had to write CVA to get the rate of twist on it. For the price it feels pretty solid.
I have the Optima .50 muzzle loader. I like shooting it as much, maybe better, than my Remington .270
I have a 444 in the elite stalker that has a Nikon pro staff . good shooter . will never use again as I will carry my 30-06 from now on .
I have a Optima Elite 45-70.. Have killed many with it.. It is my go to gun if im in an Oak Bottom or small patch (which is about all i hunt,so its about all i carry).. It has never let me down!
I have the scout in 35 whelen as well. I use it almost exclusively, ESP since I hunt good bit of core/public land. Hands down better (for me) than the HR....put the thumbhole stock on the scouts, and it's a mean rifle!
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