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Dauphin Island

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Anybody ever fish the fish havens south of Dauphin Island? I fish the east end of Petit Bois and the Grand Batture areas a lot and wondering if it's worth a run over into AL waters.
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I've never fished the fish havens but have had good luck fishing the following spots around Dauphin Island:

*Rock jetties just off the beach on the south side of the island, just west of the fort.
*Rock wall at Katrina Cut toward the west end of the island.
*The shoals just west of the Dauphin Island bridge.

Per some reports I've read, the rigs just inside the bay have been giving up some nice sized trout.

The ADSFR is this weekend so it will be a zoo around there;
Thanks for the intel. I think I'll give it a try but heed your warning and wait until after this weekend.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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