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Davids Custom Tackle Progress

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Just an update for all of you to see where this is all going. On March 23rd, he made the statement that started it all, "Papa, I bet I could sell these". That first jig head was what is now the Barrier Island Jig which utilized the Mustad Wide Gap Ultra Point hook on a 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 jig head. Since then, we've had production molds for the 1/4 and 1/8 sizes that allows him to offer the 1/0 up to 3/0 hooks in both the 1/8 and 1/4 sizes. The 1/8 head now avaliable in a 2/0 hook is going to be deadly on Plastics for trout, reds and flounder.

Then the Lead Belly came along thanks to a fishing trip with a friend that kept loosing jigs! The Lead Bellys come in 1/16, 1/8, 3/16 or 1/4 oz and are easily rigged weedless with a Screw Loc and are offered in 3/0 or 4/0. I have made up some 2/0 as a custom order to fit on Gulp Swimming Mullet. These Lead Bellys have been used sucessfully to catch flounder on rocks, trout in grass (Horn Island) and by Redfish Pros for sight fishing. They really make it nice to fish structure.

The latest from David's Custom Tackle might be the Premium Inshore jig head on the market right now. The Game Day Jig, was appropriately named by Capt Trey Fryfogle, who is a Redfish Pro that fishes the IFA Elite 40 Redfish Championship Series. Capt Trey and 3 other Redfish Pros recently used these Jig heads in the Lake Charles Tourney with more to follow. One look at this jig and he claimed that it was definitely a jig that you'd put your trust in on Game Day! The Game Day Jig is a 1/4 oz head with a 90 degree hook eye that works out of structure. What makes the jig is the 3/0, 4/0 or 5/0 Trokar Hook. It's just the sharpest, strongest hook on the market, and now it's available for Inshore use. The jig has a double collar that holds plastics really well. The jig head comes in plain or can be painted in a variety of colors.

What's new from David's Custom Tackle? The first order of Dri Fit Shirts will be ordered tomorrow, He's got a wire bender coming so that he can make his own Redfish Spinner Bait and the Game Day Lead Belly Weighted Hooks are on the way. This new Lead Belly will be made with a Trokar Wide Gap Hook and be the perfect pairing to the Game Day Jig. These will be deadly rigged weedless for anything that swims!

It's been great. David is doing a great job of keeping up with things, learning about work, deadlines, inventory, taxes, advertising and dealing with people. Sea 2 Swamp, Wayne Lees, Gorenflos, Biloxi Boardwalk Marina, A&A Marine and Tackle, Gus' Net and Tackle and Puglias Sporting Goods have been aweful good to David by stocking his inventory. Guides Travis Paige (Goin Coastal Charters), Ronnie Daniels (Fisherman Guide Service), Paul D (Southern Comfort Charters), and Outkast Charters have all been great promoting David's Jigs.

Sam Davis, You've been so gracious with your pen. You've done a great job getting Davids local product out there.

And for the Members on The Bull, you were inspirational in getting this off the ground. So many of you bought the first jigs and continue to do so. All of this is not possible without your initial encouragement.

The cool thing about all of this......The genesis of everything you've seen above, grew from the kindness from one person. Mr. Charlie Bush loaned me his melting pot, his mold and even gave me some lead so that I could pour my own jigs. David and I owe him much gratitude for all of this. It really does go to show you how ONE act of kindness can have a profound affect on others. Pass it on!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Mr. Charlie....PAX!
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It's been great seeing David's company grow.
Great post Dana. Good things do happen to good people some times.[smile]
Y'all are doing a great job and I support you guys in every way.
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