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Davis Bayou 7-24

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I went this morning for an hour or two before work, and after catching way too many 17 1/2 inch reds and 12 inch specks, a sure enough fish took my bait. It was an alligator gar, and I had hooked him on the upper jaw between some of his teeth. He made my landing net look like a bait net, and after trying to get him in the boat for 30 minutes or so, he finally got away. He was AT LEAST 4 feet long and very pretty. Too bad I had left my phone at the house, or I could post a picture. My consolation prize was a 16 and a half or 17 inch hardhead. You can see him on the hardhead classic website.
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Nice-un!!!.....how you get him to lay so strait and pose for a pic?...and im sure that gar wooda been a shoe in for ugliest or purdiest fish[wink]
He had to ride to the house in an empty bait well so I guess it took some of the fight out of him. Pore old hardhead. I wish I had a picture of that gar. At one point, he swished his tail and soaked me. I was in my little boat and just unprepared for a fish like that. There was a fellow at the launch with a cajun accent, and when I told him about the gar, he was sick over it, tellin me that gar balls were the best eatin you could find.
Yeah my brother swears by gar balls....just taste like fishy hush puppies to me though, he also makes em out of big black drum...he was mad when i threw back a 38 pounder at broadwater ealier this year.

If it had been me i would have been glad he got off(after i got a pic of course) i have yet to ever land one either in the gulf or on the river that i was'nt bleeding profusely by the time i got him de-hookified...not just the teeth but them scales are razor sharp too...[biggrin]

And just FYI...an empty bait well aint nothing to a pore ole hardhead!!!...i have it on good information that they can stay alive in a chlorinated pool for at least a week....
i have it on good information that they can stay alive in a chlorinated pool for at least a week....
I bet there's a story linked to this remark.[sneaky]
I bet there's a story linked to this remark.[sneaky]
Two ******* boys about 10 and 12 visiting their father in Naples Fl where all the rich people lived in condos on canals that had boardwalks along em.....they came out one day and yelled at us...i ahh...mean them two ******* boys for fishing off their docks....they snuck back over there that night and catched a great big ole hardhead and chunked him in their pool figuring it would die and be floating in it the next day...well when they left Fl for south Ms about a week later the hardhead was still swimming in the pool....it's rumored they still discuss it to this day, wondering how long the HH lived or if someone eventually netted it out...

(sorry for hi-jacking your thread flounda[blush])
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