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On Saturday I fished up in Davis Bayou near the national seashore launch. I used my trolling motor to cruise coastline and points. Fished with live shrimp. Caught one small sheephead and a 16 inch redfish. Nothing else.

On Sunday I went to Ship Island with a few buddies and fought the 2-4 footers. We fished live shrimp and matrix shad. Fished the grassbeds on the north side first. Covered a lot of ground with trolling motor. Only caught trash fish. Went around to the south side. It was rocking and rolling with big rollers. Caught a bunch more trash fish. Not a single game fish.

My prognosis: Too much rain recently, didn't have croaker, July is usually a crappy month to saltwater fish in South MS historically for me, salinity is off, clarity of water is bad, etc.

Maybe this relentless rain will taper off and allow for better fishing.
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