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Decent 9

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I pulled my cards for the first time all year. I've only had them out about a week and a half. This is the only one that got me excited so far. I hope to start seeing a few more nice deer. What do yall think? Age?
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Updated pics of him... He's done some growing in the past few weeks.


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Nice buck, hard to tell from that body angle but I'd guess 3-4
scared to say it, but he only looks 3 to me.
I'd call him more than decent! Love the tine length.
Good to see him moving in daytime. I'd say 3 maybe 4
Killed this one off of the same palce a few years back. I think they have some of the same genes. This deer was aged by the taxi at 3.5


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I am going with 3 also. That deer still has a lot of growing to do. Tell you the truth he better not walk by me though. ha
My club kills a few 150-165" deer every year that are 5+ yrs old, and I don't know if I've seen a 3 year old as good as that one yet.
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