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Hunting for a way to make a difference?
The Mississippi Hunter's Harvest Program needs your help.

What is Hunter's Harvest?
Many families have no dependable source of protein in their diets. Venison provides that protein and is also low in fat. Through the Mississippi Hunter's Harvest Program, Mississippi sportsmen can provide this much needed dietary component to needy Mississippians.

Who Gets the Meat?
The Mississippi Food Network distributes donated venison through a network of local and statewide member churches and non-profit organizations throughout the state.

HUNTERS WIN by doing their part to help people in need and manage the resource.

PROCESSORS WIN by getting advertising and positive feedback for their involvement.

MISSISSIPPI FAMILIES WIN by receiving a valuable source of protein.

How can I help?

Pitch in a Pound
Hunters can choose to donate a pound or two of ground venison when they pick up their processed order. Participating processors will take donations and store them until distributed by the Mississippi Food Network.

Hunter Pays
A field dressed or quartered deer may be donated by a hunter with the hunter agreeing to pay the venison processing fee.

Hunter's Harvest Pays
A field dressed or quartered deer may be donated with the processing fees paid through the Mississippi Hunter's Harvest Program. Funding for this method of donation is raised through grants, businesses, and personal contributions.

As a deer hunter I am sure many of you know a processor in your area you think might be willing to help. If so, all I need is a name and number and I will contact them personally. I can be reached at 601-605-1790 or via email [email protected]

In addition, we need help spreading the word about the program. Not many people realize there is a program like this in place to help the hunter donate unwanted deer and make sure it goes to feed Mississippi's needy families.

For more information please visit our websitehttp://mswildlife.org/hunters-harvest/
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