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Delta DUCK and Deer hunting, 160 acres Northwest Mississippi, 1 hour south of Memphis. 160 acres, 1/4 section, which has 90 acres soybeans, precision leveled, 70 acres floodable green pin oak 50 yr old plus timber, 3000 GPM 40 hp electric well for pumping up and flooding the green timber and bean field, Levee with 3 adjustable water control structures in woods and 3 on field edges. Normal winter rains flood most of the woods 18 to 24 inches deep and some of the field when these overfall pipes are dammed.
This farm has been hunted very lightly or infrequently over the last 50 years and it is like a game sanctuary. It has blacktop road frontage, so very easy access, no 4 wheel drive needed. There's an old house site space for a camp or RV parking. There is 2 skid type, metal framed duck blinds which you can pull around with a 4 wheeler. They will hide 4 - 5 people each.

Edges of field and open areas in woods are ready for food plot planting NOW!

This is an exclusive lease for you and anyone you invite to join you on hunting the tract and not a Club membership. Contact me anytime via phone, text or e-mail for price & terms. If you familiar with Google EARTH the address is 5900 Dundee Crenshaw Road, 38626 [email protected], 256-883-8615


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