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Diamond Targets

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Looking for commercially made stick-on targets with a large symmetrical diamond in the center (approx. 1' or more between points of the diamond). These work well for sighting in scopes by allowing alignment of the vertical and horizontal bars of the crosshairs with the diamond points. That coupled with a Shoot-N-See stick-on "splatter" circle affixed in the center of the diamond for the crosshair along with shooting off a Caldwell Lead Sled makes for a pretty decent setup. Been making my own diamond targets out of styrofoam insulation panels using a yardstick and magic marker, but looking for professionally made ones. Know any companies who make these?
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I think midway usa has them on sale right now. I really like using these targets but they get expensive fast if you shoot a lot!
Diamond targets

Thanks, Stone. I will check with Midway.

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