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Don't forget about these guy's this year!

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Never owned a pair of snake boots until I ran into a few of those bowhunting this year. Now they are at the top of my list. Seen some real healthy ones if you know what I mean!
Got that right freak. Between them and the rattlers got to watch your step cause they could definately ruin a good hunt
After viewing that picture I can assure you my snake boots will be on. I hate those rascals.
I just walk over them....they don't bother me at all.
You just had to go and remind me of those things

I usually don't live in fear of them, but everytime I get near a mudhole in the woods, I have to put the hunting on pause and take a hard look...
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they are the reason that I always carry a few low brass shells with me on every hunt
Here's a good one I walked up on last year while turkey hunting. He wasn't too nice. Ya'll be careful!

Picture083.jpg picture by deltahuntersteven
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Dang Freak, you could have went all season and not done that. I was going to go out and listen in the morning now I will be looking for those things.
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I hate yall. Thanks for the scary dreams I'll have now.
I wear snake boots for peace of mind walking in tall grass and all.
However yall a bunch of sissies toting around xtra shells to whack a poor armless critter.
The heck with low-brass, those rascals would get the big load. I hate them critters .
That ain't even right there. Now I got to think about those things already.
Every now and then I'll stop my gobbler charming long enough to charm one of those toothy pit vipers. The way they move, twist, and flop when separated into halves really is "charming"
I aint scarred of snakes, but I don't want to get bit either. I hunt a couple of real swampy spots, and its always in the back of your mind on a half mile walk in through the weeds and water 30 minutes before you can see!
Cotton mouths and rattelers die if I can get to them.
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