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Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

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After all this time hunting, I've finally found "that" snake!!! My dog was bitten by a snake about two months ago, and I've been on the hunt trying to find the thing! I don't think it was this big boy, but it will do for now![biggrin]
Size: 6 feet and 4 inches
Girth: 13 ½ inches
17 rattles and one button
Weight: 10 pounds
Head: Blown away!!


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That is one trophy rattler. People talk about killing 6' snakes but in reality they are few and far between. What county? Let me guess, Stone, Perry or Green, maybe Forrest.
Very nice snake. By the way, welcome to the bull.
That's my favorite kind of snake...Dead!! Sweet looking over under you got there!
Rattlesnake is delicious. Hope all that meat didn't go to waste. That's a huge snake for sure.
One healthy rascal there, glad you got him before any children found him.
Thanks for all the replies! Yes, it was one BIG SNAKE and was in Stone County. To think that thing was in my back yard makes me "shake" in my boots. I'm still cautious when out walking.......shotgun in hand!!!! :)
There's eastern diamondbacks in Stone county! [scared]

Welcome to the bull Southernbelle22! Keep that shotgun handy!
Knew there was a good chance it was Stone. My family always gets a few around our old place on Big Level but been a long time since I've heard of one that big. Did the measurement include the 3 or 4 inches of the missing head, if not that is a REALLY big one.
Stretched Measurement of Snake

[omg][omg][omg]This is the snake after being stretched and placed on boards. I also attached a picture of my "Little Man" Chester that was bitten. I'm stunned that venom can do so much damage. I couldn't imagine having a child walk upon a snake like this!!!
Oh, it measured 7 feet 5 1/2 inches....stretched.


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That is a big snake... You are one long-arm picture away from starting an internet sensation, and spurring the myth of the 8-foot long rattlesnake killed by everyone's brother-in-laws cousin's uncle!

Glad you found him, and nice shooting!
Is this the snake that bit the dog or was it a different snake ?
Our vet thinks it was something smaller.....poor baby is back at the vet's with another infection due to the venom.
I wish I had the head.........it was the size of my palm!!!! SCARY THING!!!!
There's eastern diamondbacks in Stone county! [scared]

Welcome to the bull Southernbelle22! Keep that shotgun handy!
Hey Deep was that one of your pets?[wink]
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