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In order from most thrown to least.
1. Spybait
2. Ned Rig/Wacky Rig
3. Runcl popping frog
4. Square Bill
5. Deep diving crank (20ft)
6. Shakey head
7. Spoons
8. Buzzbait
9. Spinner bait

Number 1-5 are probably 90% of the time. What's your thrown list?

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Since no posters I'll put my $.02 in ...
Collected a lot of 'em over the years. Like to change to bigger hooks on the deeper diver and jerk/pause. Sometimes just make it dance at the surface. Bagleys Lil Bream....

Sorry no list and prolly don't wanta see my true favorite....

And lately foam froggies....

My list over the years...
In winter Texas rigged lizard, craw slow deep structure. Sometimes big streamers (inverted hook for weedless) with sinking flyline over known structures.
Early spring big red rattletrap ripped around ledges, points
Pre spawn suspended rattling rogue (lead stick ons instead to make neutral)
Anytime muddy, stained. Spinnerbaits.
Spawn.... Texas rig lizard, craw or turtle in da beds. Sometimes buzz baits
Post spawn deep crankers...run down to hit the structure off deep points then pause and jerk
Summer top waters, walkers, twitched lip baits, frogs in weeds. But usually go to bass bugging with the flyrig exclusively!

Inverted hook streamers to minimize hang ups.....

No longer limited to less than 8' flyrig for bass tourneys anymore...
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