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Fertilizer uh-oh

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Hit our dove field with a shot of fertilizer yesterday anticipating a rain this morning. Looks like everything stayed south of us by several miles. Still showin 40% chance tomorrow. Worst case scenario and we get no moisture tomorrow, have we lost our field?
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No. It'll sit there for a while. Another big chance next week.

Put agrotane or nveil on your dry nitrogen next time. It'll last a little longer w/o a rain
Good to hear and thanks for the tip! Do a rain dance tonight for me before your bedtime moonpie and glass of milk. [biggrin]
I was hoping for that rain, too. My corn ears are thirsty but we did get .5-.9" last week that others didn't get.
Believe we caught a good shower this morning on the field. Looked like the northern tip of that cell stretched up your way. Hope you got a bit as well.
Missed it. Sprinkled maybe a tenth this evening. I heard RF got 1.5" or so this morning.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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