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Finally did it!

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Finally caught my first shark! Not a big one but was fun on 10lb test.
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DaaaaDum DaaaaDum.[smile] Even a little guy like that can make you bleed.
Sharks are like mountain lions they are equipped for one thing and they do it pretty good. I did pick up a new type of cork while I have been out and about here in South Carolina. Will try it out when I get back and post some about it if it works well but it looks promising. Its nice having a pier into deep water but I miss Mississippi saltwater, will be happy to be back home.
Cool. Fun, but...............

Congrats on your first Bro.
Really cool. I am still stumped on the shark area.
Caught it on shrimp of all things.
Caught it on shrimp of all things.
Never know what they will grab onto. Last year I caught a 4' Bull shark almost under the hwy 90 bridge in BSL on a VuDu shrimp under a cork.
Cool I caught a couple that size and a little bigger in La. The charter wouldn't let me take them off the hook, he said he has small sharks bite people that needed stiches. I did hold them like a catfish for pics.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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