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After hitting a pipe in empire, a break down in Biloxi, a repaired lower unit, and another breakdown, my insurance company put me a brand new HD lower unit on my boat. It should have been done the first time, but I'm reuniting with my boat today after 6 weeks of horror. It's time to get to work in MS.


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Dang that rig looks long.
Really nice boat Capt. Trey, I'm friends with some charter guys in P'cola and I see their frustration when their money makers are down.
Congrats on gettin her back! Shouldn't be hard to pick you out if I ever come across you on the water. [cool]
Glad you are back up and rolling!! I thought that swamping deal in Biloxi may have hurt the upper but it sounds like she came through that O.K.
Those Majeks ride as good as they look.[cool][cool]
Redfish all over the coast just let out a collective shutter.
Wish you'd have had it in Lake Charles last week. Glad you've got it back.
Caught some of your tourney fish today in Pascagoula cuz, found a honey hole that's full of Pogies and Reds.
Congrats and welcome back on the water
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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