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I was able to wet a line yesterday evening for a little while. It has been close to two weeks since I have been fishing. Got out to one of my spots here in Waveland and there were still alot of people swimming and playing on the beaches. I scanned the area and saw about 400 yards of open area with bait being slung out the water. I entered the water and walked out to the last trough out there where the bait was being busted up. I caught 2 keeper trout right off the back. I then started getting hits from smaller trout but couldn't hook them. I made my way down the trough and the bait continued to be slung out the water everywhere. I then noticed a couple of sharks cruising through but didn't really pay them any attention since the moved on once they passed me up. About 15 minutes later, I hooked up with a decent trout and was reeling him in. Next thing I know, there was a HUGE splash and I saw a black fin and black tail come out the water. Mr. Sharky grabbed my trout and took off with it. I shot off with my trout in his mouth and next thing you know, 27 seconds (yes I counted) later he spooled my reel all the way down to my knot and that was the end of my day of fishing. I am glad to see there is trout moving in the areas I fish, because as of late, its been mainly redfish. I cant wait to get back out and start fishing on a regular basis again.
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What a story Dalozi. That's what I'm talking about. Right here at the 39th aniversary of JAWS and you're wading through shark invested waters, slinging trout left and right. When I come home in a few days I'll shoot you a PM or call and maybe we can hook-up for a wade.
sounds good wild bill...look forward to hearing from you!
Haven't gotten spooled yet as been always to chase them down with the trolling motor but I know sooner or later it's coming. willie got it last summer by a Jack we couldn't chase. Only took him about 6 seconds to spool him.
If I were in a boat, I may have had a chance...LOL but since I was wading I couldn't do anything. Its been a while since I have had a jack spool me. This is my first time getting spooled this year. Oh well, atleast the shark got a meal out of it. Haha
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