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Fine Wood for Turkey and Duck calls.

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Here is a picture of some Mahogany I just received from Steve Brown, THE MAHOGANY MAN. This group of Mahogany is just what I was looking for. Thanks Steve. The picture shows some of the figure in it, but does not do it justice. The finished calls will do it proud. I got two mammoth boards of Saluda Co., SC walnut 10Ft x 1Ft x 2 1/2 inch from Steve in Nashville last year and put in another order to pick up the same this year. Getting to where I cannot cut the rough stuff, and Steve makes it where you get what you need size wise. A fine friend for call makers to get to know. I reach him through his Mahogany Man face book page.

Mr. E

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Here is Steve's contact information:
Steve Brown
4844 Platt Springs Rd
West Columbia SC 29170
[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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