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Fishing Soft Plastics - More isn't always better

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Good evening guys, I switched it up a little this week and posted more of a "how-to" blog entry. This is part I of II and it discusses Soft Plastics for Jig Fishing, and how I approach fishing with a jig.
Let me know what you think....next week will discuss jig head design and weight.
Tight Lines and God Bless!
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Another great read!!!...
Definitely in full agreement on this one, although I haven't tried the down south lures yet. I had noticed the most consistent fisherman rely on jigs so I started watching and mimicking, seeing how they worked the bait. Started to understand the need to visualize the bait in the water and control it. I haven't had a banner year of fishing but getting more and more consistent as my confidence grows with a jig. It's always what I start with and what I'll use as a search bait. More often than not it's green hornet. Fast, slow, low, high does it all.

Look forward to the jig head post. I'm an 1/8 oz guy and interested to hear your thoughts
Excellent blog.
Very well written Salt! great read.

Did Down South ever start making lighter colors? I really love the Down South baits! I just wish they had more clear or lighter colored baits that fit our predominate water conditions here. I think they have a pearl and a pink glitter... would be nice to see a clear glitter similar to a opening night or shrimp creole

but I'm right there with you on not needing to be an Academy on the water. Fishing MS waters, I could totally limit my soft plastics box to 4 colors

A Clear with glitter (like open night or shrimp creole)
A light shade (like pearl or ultra violet)
Something bright (chartruse/pearl or pink)
A darker color (like strawberry, green hornet or plum)
Excellent job brother.
Thanks everyone for the feedback.

TM, you hit the nail on the head...about 4 basic colors is all you need. With regard to Down South Lures, he has come out with a few new colors, but mostly darker shades. http://www.downsouthlures.com/products.html Please keep in mind that his baits are mostly designed for TX waters, but I'll pass that to Mike to produce some lighter shades.
Thanks for pointing to the Down South website. I didn't realize he added some more colors.

With the basic four that I spoke of earlier, they have that covered really well: Something dark, bright (chartruse / pink) and a light shade (pearl).

These other options might serve as the "clear" option pretty well.

not as clear but looks "shrimpy"

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Chris....what does that tail "do" on the down south lures? Don't know if you can describe it or not. Does it kick at all?
Chris....what does that tail "do" on the down south lures? Don't know if you can describe it or not. Does it kick at all?
It kicks on the fall and when reeling in....although its not a lot compared to matrix, it does provide action. beyond that though and most importantly it keeps the bait straight. No twirling around, or doing the spin dance that most straight tail bats do if you dont thread them dead center on a jighead
Excellent as usual. I actually read it a day or two ago from a link that Dana had posted on FB.
I was excited, and look forward to each post.
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