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Fishing with the Donks

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The Donk clan came down and invited me to tag along on a hardhead quest. We started out at the 110 Bridge around 3pm with the plan to fish in the shade, but it was a bit crowded, so we ended up casting the net for a bit and getting an assortment of Bull Minnows and Pin Fish.

The we head over to Palace Bridge. There was a stiff breeze that made it a bit of a challenge, but we managed a mixed bag of monster pin fish, croakers, hardheads, gaftops, with a few ground mullet and one white trout mixed in. There might even have been a might even of been a Hardtop or Gaffhead caught.

Donk managed several crabs in this traps, but the biggest crab of the night he caught on Rod n Reel, but it was full of eggs and had to go back.

When we parted ways at 9:30 they were heading to broadwater, but my curfew was quickly approaching and had to head home.

I did managed to get a few entries into the Hardhead Classic.

A 16 1/4" Gafftop. There was some confusion amoungst the weighmasters if we were going to the long tail, or short tail. After looking at Salty's photos it looks like he went to the short tail. So I will do the same.

And I also added this 8 1/4" hardhead in the smallest hardhead category, and the purdiest competition. Who wouldn't fall in love with that cute little guy. Did I mention we had been in the sun on the bridge for about 5 hours at that point?

Enjoyed the company and the excuse to shut the computer down for a few hours and relax. Hope you all tied into Jaws at Broadwater! Next trip down we will have to take the SS Hardhead out to a few of my hardhead honey holes.
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Glad yall met up and got your line pulled. Man when you target a class of fish, you dont mess around with anything else!
They never knew what hit them.
A "cute" little hardhead? Is there such a thing?

Mannnnnnnnnnnnn.....y'all really had been out in the sun! LOL!!!!

Congrats on a fun day with friends.
Man we had a blast...got to do alot of extrapolations on my garanteed fish catching formula but like pete said it was hot and we did have two teenagers with us so i may have gotten distracted a bit....need to re-check my maths before i post,but look for it,it's coming and will be a game changer[biggrin]

We never made it to broadwater pete....me and ramsey were outvoted by sherri and told we had fished long enough and it was time to go home.But he is already trying to get me to take him over to washington st pier so he can catch a 'big fish'....i told him i would if the girls went shopping or something cause he gets distracted when he brings the girlfriend,would rather hang around her than me or pete soaking up fishing knowledge.It did have it's moments tho...watching him try to get an eel off her hook needed to be filmed for posterity.

And once again i have never seen that much bait around that pier and it did'nt move on,it stayed with us the entire time we were there.....i think it's part of a conspiracy against me and my quest for trophy hardheads[angry]
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Post script......there are about 3 different ice cream men that frequent this pier and they have them great big,red,white and blue rocket popsicles...just saying[wink]
Sounds like a blast
It was man....but there was one group having ALOT more fun than we was...carload of em pulled up to the portable relief station about the time i caught a med size hardhead and one of em yelled "hey look he caught he shark!".....i really hope that bunch made it home,i'm sure they had to stop for some munchies though[biggrin]
I cropped my hardhead photo but if you see the original photo you will see my ice cream bar (still in package) where I laid it down while taking the photo.

I kept hoping for the taco truck to come by but it never did!
MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tacos...............
I cropped my hardhead photo but if you see the original photo you will see my ice cream bar (still in package) where I laid it down while taking the photo.

I kept hoping for the taco truck to come by but it never did!
Hmmm......taco boat to go around to all the piers and fishing honey holes? Wonder if anyone has every done a gut buster boat?....will be filing that into my million dollar ideas[wink]
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