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Flounder Pounder gigging Light

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Last nights trip started like most usually do. Hoping to do well and excited to see what the evening will bring. A buddy texted me asking if I knew any flounder spots and asked if he could bring a few people with him. We started in LB and everyone was eager. I gave them the floundering 101 "need to knows" what to look for, where to look ect. One of the guys gets a handful of nice blue crabs and was tickled pink, a few others gigged a few stingrays and you'd of thought they won the lottery, but their jubilation was short lived due to the lack of flounder activity. We moved spots and got the same results. After 2hrs of no shows from the flounder, they decided to call it a night. I told them they would regret that decision. I had already told mama not to wait up and the night was young so I flew solo to a few more spots and still drew blanks. Finally got to the last spot around 12:00ish and after a few minutes in the water I see my first flounder of the night, then I spook it.[cursing] I couldn't believe I screwed that up. Not even 4' away a 19"er was just hanging out. I was on him quicker than a back of pit bulls on a three legged cat. Got a few more flounder in short order and out of the corner of my eye I see something swimming. It was another big flounder 18". He was swimming away from me so I did an Achilles move from the movie Troy and jump down from the heavens with my gig and gave that flounder everything I had. Shortly after the bait was getting murdered by some nice reds. I looked at my watch and called it a night. I really had to grind it out for those fish, but I was really just scouting a spot to try and take the family tonight. How to get similar results with them on the gig. That light I'm using is awesome. Made by D.J. Fillette out of Long Beach. The "Flounder Pounder" light is a great light at a good price. His parts are quality, so after material costs he's only making a few dollars literally. He does singles for $60 and doubles for $80. All joints are glued and silicone sealed. Single lights a 540ish lumens and the doubles are 1180ish lumens. He's on FB or I can give you his number. Tight lines y'all.

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That's enough for supper.
Yes sir!
A sealed rechargeable. Looks like a trailer battery
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