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Frog Giggin'

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Anyone frog giggin' these days? I'm looking for some good recommendations on places to go (not top secret, classified honey holes) around Northeast MS and the Delta areas.
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I just bought some headlamps and gigs myself. Fixing to finish making a ******* outta my wife by taking her gigging LOL
dondon...good luck with that...better not make her mad or you could become the "gigged"...and don't forget the ThermaCell.
LOL, I got the thermacell ready to go. ONLY thing I'm worried about is running up on a big gator at night with her in the boat.
Giggin??? C'mon guys... It ain't fun unless ur grabbin them jokers!
I've seen gators every time (that's only twice...so the sample size is limited) I've been. And...I'll have plenty of fun "grabbin" them off the gig. Ha!
Giggin??? C'mon guys... It ain't fun unless ur grabbin them jokers!
Dat's right!
I still go every year. However I go in South Ms so not much help on spots. There isn't much better than a platter of fresh fried frog legs though!
Tried to find some on the Yazoo River around the Greenwood boat ramp Saturday night...that was a frogless adventure though. Guess I'll have to find them through the process of elimination.
You might want to look somewhere out of the way. I know the frogs around here will get pretty smart after people start messing with them. With it being this late in the summer, I'd look somewhere with little pressure if possible. I know it may sound silly but the lake we use a lot can be like night and day in how easy they are to get if you are the first person after them.
Do that many people even mess with them much anymore? Don't hear of that many people around the Golden Triangle chasing them...but then again...they may just be tight lipped as to not reveal their "spots". Hhhhmmmm.....
There is more people doing it than you think and they mop em up! This late in the game you have to find where they haven't been to get a frog.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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