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Front Shoulders - Yes Front shoulders

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Originally posted by partimesquid on MDWFP
This is the best venison I have ever had. You won't find an easier one either.

Note: Recipe is not ?exact science? A little of this or that, whatever is to your liking. This is the way I did it??

(2) Front shoulders with flap meat attached. (bone-in silver skin on)
(1) Can to ½ can of Coca Cola
(1) Lb Bacon.
(2) Beef bouillon cubes
I just used salt and pepper. Any rub or spice would work well.
All of the onions, carrots, celery, etc you want.

4-5 (small) 6-7 (large) hours at 200F in oven or large roaster covered. Meat is done when bone pulls out easy. If you want to brown it the last 20 min. or so, uncover and broil.
Other ideas for liquid would be orange juice, beer, apple juice, etc

Do it once the way I did it. Let me know what you think.....

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Got a buddy who should be a chef in New Orleans that cooks a front shoulder like this, he uses the dispoable aluminum pans and after cooking in oven let's it cool and pulls off the meat shred if needed. He then refrigerates it usually until next day. He lights his charcoal grill adds a few pieces of hickory and places the covered pan on the grill to warm up, after it is hot, he removes the cover and lets the smoke get in. You would swear he grilled this meat and you would also think it the tenderest backstrap you ever put in your pie hole. Try it, you'll love it.
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