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Gas tank

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Anyone happen to have a 12 or larger tank laying around? I keep having a water in my fuel problem and I ain't worrying with it any more till the fall, put a 12 gallon tank on the back deck and roll on!
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Used one for sale right now on Louisiana Sportsman classified for $70 OBO.


Southeast La usually means some where near Slidell.
Think I just found my problem my paw in law used my boat he put $80 of ethanol gas in it I just watched a youtube video ethanol gas actually builds or makes water so the 25 gallons of ethanol probably made a few gallons of water in a 32 gallon tank that sucks
I have decided I am not going to burn any ethanol at all in my motor. Not even with the additives designed for ethanol.
I don't/won't use ethanol.......at all.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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