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Gator Hunt Must Haves

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Must haves on a gator hunt:

casting rod(s)
mag light/spotlight
electrical tape
Permits and tags

am i missing any big things?
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Actually you are missing a good bit. There was a thread by Yellow_Lab started a couple years ago, that actually was a good check list. If someone finds it maybe they will comment on it and move it up. It should be a sticky
Must haves on a gator hunt:

casting rod(s)
mag light/spotlight
electrical tape
Permits and tags

am i missing any big things?
What dispatch method are you planning...beat its skull in with a mag light? :)

My list:

Casting Rod
100-150 lb line (Power Pro high vis-yellow)
salt water rod, 6-8 feet, rated for 40+ lb line
salt water bait cast reel
10/0 Mustad 3551 treble hooks w/ 2.5-3 oz of lead

Winching Rod
150+ lb line (Power Pro high vis-yellow)
salt water trolling rod/tuna stick, 5-6 feet with pullies
salt water trolling reel
10/0 or 12/0 Mustad 3551 treble hooks w/ 2.5-3 oz of lead

Bowfishing Equipment
Bow/Cross bow
AMS big game slotted retriever reel
Release (for bow only)
Muzzy Gator Getter detachable points
600 lb Muzzy gator line
buoy- boat fender, crab trap float, etc.

Hunt Gear
16/0 treble hook, weighted, w/ 30+ feet of rope
deep cycle 12V batteries
cigarette plug adapters
snares, rope, and snare pole
electrical tape
shotgun and shells(#6 or smaller)
permit tags
bait retriever pole
rope/cable ties (must tie gator's legs)
Measuring stick marked at 4ft & 7ft and 4/7 inch w/ hook

bug repellant/thermocell
safety glasses
leather gloves
large ice chest-for runt gator
regular ice chest-for drinks
spare running lights or bulbs/fuses
poncho & long sleeve shirt
cap light
1st aid kit
life jackets
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Yeah, I highly recommend a boat!

don't forget the skeeter spray and that bait retriever doohickey made from a paint roller is a life saver too (or at least a time saver and a $ saver)
Well if the mag light doesnt pan out, then a .410 or a glock will have to do hah. Luckily, we have two reliable boats for our group, never thought about an extended paint roller as a bait retriever...hmm good idea.
Ive got alot of what you listed Sea-Donkey but some i didnt think of bringing, preciate it.
hope yall gots big boats for all that stuff...
2 callcuta 700 on 8ft rods and pen 50wide all loaded with 100 +lb PP
bucket of 10/0 weighted hooks
willie hook on long rope
few snares
410 and shells
good lights and batteries
cooler with drinks snacks
blind bag w/bug dope/thermo cells
phone and charger..
boat in order legal and organized
go hunt
Speaking of "drinks"... No adult drinks, that is a big no-no... even just possession will get you shut down.
from what i have seen on d tv yur need some one to yel choot em. [tongue]
Only thing you really need is tags and that's the hardest thing to get!
When you get a gator on things can get very hectic. Here's a few things to consider:

First decide who is going to be captain, when you get a hookup and things get hectic you can end up with a boat load of captains. Work as team.

Keep things organized, don't have loose ropes or hooks laying on the deck. We keep a couple of buckets to keep hapoon rope and buoys in as well as the throw rope with treble hook. Having the harpoon buoy and rope in a bucket makes it easy to move around the boat with the harpoon when maneuvering to take a shot.

Keep spare hooks in a tackle box or dry storage box.

Be careful retrieving a snagged hook, it can come flying back at you and your buddies at an incredible speed and you can end up with a hook-up you don't want.

Do not load a firearm or bang-stick until you have the gator boat side ready to dispatch.

Be sure someone knows where you are going and when you will get back.
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Couple of body builders to help load a gator in the boat. They are not as easy to pull over the side as those guys on tv act like.
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