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Gator Processing

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Does anyone know of any game processors that are willing able to take gators in state?
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Saw this posted on Facebook.

B and L Meat Processing.
73 Standard Hill Road
Vicksburg, MS.
601-634-6338 or 601-218-9378
They will store the gator for $20.00 a day. They will skin and process the gator for $25.00 a foot. They will also have a buyer on site if you want to sell the gator.
I am talking with a place in Foxworth about doing gators. He has the FDA coming tomorrow to give him all the rules and regs. He currently does our deer and hogs. Should know something by the end of the week.
Van's in brandon takes gator meat and makes some great smoked sausage... better than deer sausage hands down!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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