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Gelcoat repair

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I have a couple of dime sized spots on the sides of compartments that I need to repair. What product do you use for small chips/dings in your gelcoat? The hull is white so color match (hopefully) wont be an issue.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
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this stuff is awesome for filling / repairing fiberglass. once filled and fared out, top coat it with regular gel coat (you might only need a tiny bit of gel coat and they sell gel coat repair kits that come in small sizes).


The best price I've seen on the Six10 is Southern Supply on Howard Ave in Biloxi. West Marine has it for a few dollars more. Westsystems also has a repair manual that is very detailed (info from repairing tiny cracks to entire boats). Great resource. This is a link to the repair / maintenance info... http://www.westsystem.com/ss/assets/HowTo-Publications/Fiberglass-Boat-Repair-and-Maintenance.pdf more info in there than 99% of people need but great stuff.

another link with tips for Six10 (especially not using the static mixer that can waste a lot of expensive epoxy)

White marine tex...awesome stuff that I have used for years.
Thanks fellas. I will check out both.[cool]
This stuff is great for small jobs:
They can color match make, model & year on most as well.
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