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getting set up

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If you were just getting set up for fishing Reds and Specks (only), what would you put in your boat as far as gear, tackle, rod/reel combo, and just to have in the boat if you wanted to make a trip to the islands.

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I know others will chime in with tackle recommendations but personally, I won't go in the boat without a lip gripper. Boca is best, but the cheaper Berkley will work (just make sure you was the salt off when the day is over).
I have become quite fond of my lip grip, called the lip grip made of plastic no metal to rust. Your request is similar to the decision a wader makes every time they fish. My go to is my Revo on a veritas rod, medium action. Expensive combo but will do everything from top water to jig. I'll have a green hornet on an 1/8 oz jig head (1/4 if windy). I carry one water proof tackle tray with top water, suspend and extra jigs. And I might go home if I didn't have a good set of pliers. Specific to wading I always have a rubber netting landing net with me too, stops the hooks from getting hung up and you don't wanna be fighting a nice fish and trying to grab it by hand and lose it.
Thanks for the replies....I appreciate it! keep 'em coming
Sent you a suggested shopping list..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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