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Glock for Carry

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I'm thinking the Hlock would bey best option for what I'm looking for ins CC gun. Who all had one and would you recommend?
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I took the enhanced cc class recently, shot several pistols while there. The Glock 19 was probably the most comfortable to shoot of the ones I tried. Think it was 9 mm. Good trigger feel.

But for cc, I want something smaller, maybe the Glock 23 (if I have the number right). Also like the looks of the Springfield XDS in 9 mm but haven't shot one. Not to change wet's thread but just to supplement it, has anyone shot the XDS?
I use the g27 for cc. Small and would get the job done. If you like 9mm look at the g26.
M&Ps are another good option and could be a little cheaper and offer several options on them that Glock doesn't,,
I've got both Glock and M&Ps.. great guns.

My hand does not fit a compact very well even with finger EXT.. My small finger is pretty much useless..
I carried the G23 for nearly ten years. I carry the G27 off duty and as a back up weapon while on duty. It's very accurate and dependable even though it's a sub compact. All the years I've carried and shot Glocks I've never had any problems with any of them.
I have the Gen 4 Glock 23(mid size 40 cal) and it is a great pistol. I use it for conceal carry mostly in winter. Very easy to conceal with a vest, sweatshirt or jacket. It can be concealed in summer time.

My main carry gun is a Springfield XDs 9mm. Being a single stack it is very thin and very easy to conceal.

My choice for carry when it is really hot and wearing light clothing is a S&W Bodyguard 380. This will probably change in the future. I have purchased a Glock 42(380 ACP) but don't have a pocket holster for it yet. It shoots much better than the BG380
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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