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Good day at the Palace Drive on pier

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Caught a good mess of white trout and ground mullet,got to meet petehalsted and his wife Ms. Dianne, very nice and friendly people(allthough the fish caught lockjaw when he showed up...go figure) . My son caught the redfish below but he was just a couple inches too short so we chunked him back,did get to put a few entries into the classic tho, check out the webpage to see my nine inch croaker and ugliest fish entries....also got a sixteen inch hardhead posted but he came off the d'iberville pier the other night....we did'nt catch not the first single hardhead or gaff-topp today[confused][confused][confused]

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Good report Donk..
Nice day of fishing with the son is hard to beat.
It was great meeting the Donk clan.

But competition is competition, so while Diane distracted them, I put some anti-trashfish chum in the water. [rofl]
And i thought you may have been coming by to pick up tips pete!!!..[angry]
(pete can carry on all he wants but he,s a good sport and a great guy...he'll even bring you some bait if you run out)

Ramsey had me take that pic of the little redfish so he could enter it in the purdiest fish,it was a dark,pretty red....but, as you can see i did'nt get it in the picture,he claims i sabotaged him but truth is i just learned how to post pics and now i got to learn how to take them[wink][wink]

But it really would have been a great day to have kid out there on that pier, we just should have gotten there earlier, the white trout were hitting everything as soon as it hit the water around 830 or 9 that morning...and that is the most bait i have ever seen around that pier, it was just everywhere you looked.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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