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Good trip to Canada

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I just got back a few days ago, and miss it already. Had a great trip and saw a lot of bears. My nephew and I hunted off the ground and had 3 bears within 3' of us, and were actually charged by a med size boar. It was an epic trip, and something I am gonna try to do every year if possible! Gonna have to put in the extra hours working!
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Very cool! Tell us about your equipment. Poundage, broadhead, and what'd that bear weigh?
Im not sure the weight of the bear, but my specs are:
Crooked Stic longbow 63# @30"
GT 5535 32" w/ 160gr Magnus 2 blade (DIY fletchings made from the wings of turkeys I shot {big medicine})
About 10-12 yards right in the crease. She ran about 80 yards and rolled up. No death moan or anything, she just lit out like greased lightning and crashed.
Big congrats man! I'd love to go do that one day
Really nice reward for your hard work and patience in your traditional journey!
Great pic!

Did you use a guide on your hunt?
I used Jerry Russell outfitters. Pretty awesome guy and he puts on a great hunt!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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