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Got a few

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I missed one fishing trip due to oversleeping So I packed my stuff in the lil boat and ran to round island. Nothing there. So I braved the choppy weather and hit horn. Tried my dangedest to find pompano and had one hit but got off. So I decided to see if I could some to jump. No luck. Happened on a spot I liked and made my first cast. Bam big speck. Caught seven more. Found out today topwater worked over live bait. I had a live mullet freelined for over an hour in the same spot I was slamming these specks smallest speck is 20". Finally got run off by waterspout. I FINALLY got to see one
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Some fatties! Nice pics of the spout!
Some really NICE fatties there Bro!

We had 4 or 5 like those fat girls yesterday. Sounds like fun!
Sounds like it turned out to be a great trip. The water spots and funnel clouds definitely make me nervous. Blessings
Way to make it happen TW. Your suppose to see waterspouts when your not on a good trout bite though.
Forgot to mention. 4 of the specks I got I was standing on the beach the others I was only 8 ft off of it. I think it is a good average on those specks. Lovin the skitterwalks. One speck actually tore up my split ring on it
Good job under adverse conditions...
You're the man.....that knows how to catch trout. That's an impressive tailgate for sure. Be proud, because it's a fact that not just any regular joe can go out and catch fish on topwater like that. It's an ability that takes time and skill.
If u remember this evening I will take a pic of a split ring one of those specks destroyed. It actually came off lure in net.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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