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Got my Lower Unit Back!

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As soon as we put my buddy's boat on the trailer this afternoon I ran to Ross Props in Woolmarket and picked up my lower unit.

Man! Those that recommended me to Wally, I appreciate it very much. He will get my business from now on.

Tomorrow I will replace the waterpump impeller and reassemble everything. Really looking forward to getting my girl back onto the water.

Here is the Before/After Pics:
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Sweet. Looks better than new.
Wow!![cool][cool] That is great looking work. Worth the wait it looks like.
Good to go Chief![thumbup]
Alright - looks awesome...get your sea trials done and I'll be home middle of July!!!
Man I cannot believe how good that repair looks. It looks like a brand new unit. Good to know what can be done and who can do it. Thanks for sharing.
JB - ready for ya Bud!

It was a GREAT job! I cannot even see or feel where the weld bead is.
The spot on the bottom that looks like a paint imperfection is just a handprint.
He painted where the work was done, blended it into the original paint, and then even gave it a shot of clearcoat......WOW!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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