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Ground blinds

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Looks like most of my hunting is going to be off the ground this year.plan on getting a couple of hub blinds.find some gated remote log roads and try to find spots where the deer are crossing and back off and set the blind to the edge.works with a tree stand,should work with a blind.any of y'all do much ground blind hunting on public land any recs for a decent hub style blind?
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I've done quite a bit of ground blinding. I don't use anything fancy - just a collapsable stool and whatever local brush I can cut and stick in the ground to break up my outline. I've never taken any deer that way, but I've had many deer walk right past my blind without seeing or winding me.
I've killed several nice bucks on public land out of 'natural' ground blinds. I try to set up against a tree/vegetation/etc. to break up my outline and then construct a blind around me out of branches. I'll sit on a 5-gallon bucket that I use to carry in a padded seat, my bulky outerwear, and a pair of shooting sticks. I've had people walk right past me and look at me like I'm crazy. Then after finding where I killed something, I've had them beat me to the blind!

A lot of people overlook some great spots...
Bass Pro has some sales going on right now worth checking out. We use them quite a bit as my dad gets older and my Jason hunts more with us. The main thing on a blind is to have a good background and brush it in. They really are a great hunting tool!

They even work in the front yard!!!
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I have tried brushing them in, putting them out early, etc. They see that blind 300 yards away it seems like. I have not given up but I have certainly not figured out the trick.
I have almost gone strictly to blind hunting. My daughter and I killed four out of a blind this year. The one she killed on public land was a very nice first buck for a youth! The big deer walked within 40 yards of the blind. He didn't like the look of it, but that Tinks 69 wouldn't let go of him!
99% of my deer hunting is done on the ground with natural cover, just like I turkey hunt and it works.
I have used ground blinds for the last 3 years. I have seen deer every year within 25 yards. I have had tracks all around my blinds so the deer get used to them. I try to brush them in with natural cover as much as possible. They sure are nice to cover your movement and mine have been pretty dry during showers. As they get older they will start leaking around the seams though.
Haven't done much blind hunting, but have had deer in real close a few times (inside 50 yards). My daughter killed one last year at 30 yards from a ground blind. I have a friend that I have gone and help find 3 deer with that he has shot out of ground blinds with a bow. All three times it was the first time he set it up there and all three were inside 15 yards!
I am a huge fan of ground blinds. Just brush them in real well and big bucks don't mind. I had one blind last year where I shot a 160 with a bow at 8 steps, and the next week my 8 yr old shot a 151 with his crossbow. Finally a guest shot a 172 out of that blind with a rifle over thanksgiving.
I am a huge fan of ground blinds. Just brush them in real well and big bucks don't mind. I had one blind last year where I shot a 160 with a bow at 8 steps, and the next week my 8 yr old shot a 151 with his crossbow. Finally a guest shot a 172 out of that blind with a rifle over thanksgiving.
Well it is obvious you aint hunting pressured deer.[biggrin][biggrin][biggrin] Just kidding.

I am gonna try to put it out in the next couple of weeks and brush it in and keep it looking good until bow season. The doe spot mine everytime. I guess, as someone said, if somebody stuck something new in your living room you would notice it quickly too.
Tombstone, I have noticed the does are very skittish around the blind. They will get close but t hey do a lot of head bobbing. The bucks seem to not worry much about the blind.
Taught this in Tennessee

My buddy in Tennessee taught me this - easy and 100% mobile:
Get some black twine or jute - put in your pocket. Foldable chair, 5 gallon bucket with swivel top, or just find a log in a good place.

Wind the string around a few closely spaced trees knee to waist high- basically mke a "two rail fence". Make sure to wrap the string along a few sides of a few trees to make an "enclosure". Walk around the blind quickly, pick up or cut off a bunch of limbs and simply lay them up, over and around the strings, and sit behind. You only need a few well branched limbs or brush on each side - the whole thing takes 5 minutes. The irregular lines, overlapping limbs front to back/side to side make incredible camo - just like the open camo patterns (skyline, some of realtrees, etc.). All you need is to break up outlines real well and sit still. With a 5 gallon bucket/swivel top you can bring lunch, calls, binocs, flashlight, and twine and literally set up anywhere you have a good view. Cut the string at the end of the hunt and no one knows you were there!
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I built a blind and it seemed like they avoided it until I bought a Ghost Blind and set it up across the field from the other blind and the bucks all walked past the blind I built.

Ghost Blind is awesome, but you have to work the surrounding cover to suit the reflection. If the ground is darker in front of you than it is behind you, then you end up looking like a dark blob. They don't seem to like those dark blobs. If you do it right, when you get up to place your deer pee, you will lose the blind. Those things are awesome. Had a bobcat walk 8 feet from it last year and never knew I was there.
I love natural ground blinds or "Hides". If you can get some cover close above you, it really seems to help keep from getting busted.
For portable ground blinds, I have had my best luck setting up in spots where they are in the shade, and or tucked amongst cedars or pine trees. I then brush them in with those same kinds of limbs. Have had deer including nice bucks within a few feet.
Anywhere out in the open or where the sun can glare off of it, they are real cautious
Ive had great success with my folding chair blind. It goes on every hunting trip i go on as you never know when or where you might end up. Camoflauge is great, material is quite, easier to set up and take down than others and easily portable. I would buy another one in a hearbeat

I wound up getting a primos escape hub blind..I got the small one 61hx64x64.its a discontinued model.its got a zippered opening on roof so I can stand up and stretch or even shoot.weighs 14 lb in the bag..I will probably get another one a little bigger for when my grandson wants to go.
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