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Happy 4th of July

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Here's wishing a Happy and safe 4th of July to all you Bull's out there today. Looking forward to the posts from this weekend. Enjoy the weekend and wear em out...
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Happy 4th back at you wild bill. What's the count down for you getting back home?
Happy 4th Wild Bill. We need to get together when you get back and put a hurting on them.
Next Thursday is the day. Six more wake-up's and a chopper ride. I'm almost there. FYI - those big floating brown grass piles are even out here, so it must be a Gulf-wide event.
Hope all had a happy and safe fourth....hurry home safe WB...
How far out in the gulf is the rig you are on?
How far out in the gulf is the rig you are on?
He out off of the coast of Cancun, Mexico I believe.

That little black dot in the bottom right hand corner is my location about 140 miles off the coast of Metamoreas MX, in about 10,000 feet of water. About 1 hour and 10 minutes by chopper with a tailwind...
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Right back at ya Bud!
What kinds of fish do you see on the rig? I guess that's too deep for ling??
Sharks, Whale sharks, Baracuda, Tuna, Dorado, dolphins and some kind of flat sided silver fish like a pampano but much larger.
I used to see all kinda Dorado in Brazil. We are still close to the beach and water ain't quite clear enough to see much. Hurry and get home so half my hitch will be over!
Havard - I'm starting my hand-over notes today... Be sure to give me a call when you get in.
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