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Hardhead classic suggestion

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How bout a category for the most wild untraditional catching method? This thought was inspired by this catch this weekend. This catfish was able to somehow lasso himself. Hook was nowhere in him. He was just wrapped in line with the hook holding the lasso.

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[rofl][rofl][rofl]....he's probably involved in the 'People classic'and did'nt want to get hooked to get his 'people' that day....them lil buggers is crafty crafty crafty[biggrin]

I've had em do that after getting hooked but that right there is the first time i ever seen that......did you get a bite or what?
My dad was the one who landed him. He was caught under a cork. I still can't piece together in my mind how it happened
Sunday, I was fishing the rocks by the Beau catching one undersized trout after another. There were some accomplished bait stealers in that group. They would hit the shrimp and then I would see them go up and around my cork, which would free the shrimp and tangle my line. One got the shrimp off but then got himself wrapped in the line and hooked in the side using that trick. Maybe that's what your hardhead was trying to do.
He probably seen that last photo of FW with the hook in his hand.
All I know is he looks like he is enjoying the heck out of himself
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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