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Headin Southeast

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Gonna spend a few days(and nights) in the Ft. Morgan-Orange Beach area and will have a 300' private pier to fish from in Mobile Bay just east of Ft. Morgan. I was hoping some of you Salties could advise a red dirt ******* as to what fish to expect and methods for catching them. I'll want to catch some myself but have a 7 year old grandson and 15 year old son in particular to "help me"! I have caught some specks, reds and flatties but it's been a few years! Any pointers would be very appreciated!
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Come on Coasties, I know ya'll can do better than this!!!
I have never wet a line in AL waters so I am no help.
Same here. I can imagine a pier in the bay there is somewhat like one here. Live shrimp under a popping cork and dead shrimp or crab on bottom is sure to get some action.
I have only wet a line at Orange Beach Marina during breaks while work was being done on a survey vessel I used to drive.
I caught Reds and Flounder there. I'm not sure exactly where you are staying, and exactly where you are in relation to good saltwater. Parts of the ICW can become pretty fresh at times, as well as some of the backwaters there.
If you aren't right on the bay, my best advice/guess would be to save your money with live bait. Get some market shrimp and work the bottom. If you are on the main part of the bay, then live shrimp under a cork, 2-3ft down.
There are a few piers to work as well.
That's all I have Man. If I knew the area better, I would definitely share with a Bull Member Bro.
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