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help with pin settings

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Viper venom sight...couldnt set pins at 20 and 30 or theyd be touching. I suppose i could move the sight housing out but i just got my peep the way I want it. I just put first pin at 30 and was holding low for the past couple months for shorter shots. I never got extremely accurate and changed to a 15yd and a 30yrd. I think will work well and I even find myself using the space between the two pins at 20 and 25. Is there any disadvantage to this or reason to not do this? I just couldnt get comfortable having to hold almost 4 inches low on what could be a majority of my shots. still have 40 50 60 and dont plan to shoot past 50 at game.
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I'd keep it simple. What kinda bow? Sounds like u could just shoot 1 pin to 30...
Mathews Creed XS. that was my initial thought, i love simple. gonna shoot it for a while this way and see. I could also hold 15 at 20yr and 30 at 25yd and only be off by a couple inches. I have never had a bow this accurate so im pushing for perfection. years back i made a high shot after forgetting to hold low. guess im afraid will happen again
i went 20,35 and 50 because my pins was to close together. that way 3 pins do all the work.
I switched to a single pin slider in 2011 , and probably will never shoot a multi pin again.
Same problem I was having , as well a lot of clutter on close shots .
Probably not for everyone.
When I shot multi pins I shot first pin 30. 0-34 or so yards was basically put it on him and let it fly. They had to be far to shoot second pin. For strictly a hunting set up I d say u don't even need a 20 when shooting these modern fast bows. But it's nice for targets and pin point shooting. I switched to a single pin around first of the year and have enjoyed being able to dial in exact yardages.
I too have gone to a single pin slider , I've shot pins set for 20, 30, 40 for many years , this season will be a big change for me .
I'm thinking ill leave it set on 25 , and move it as needed . I'm shooting a cbe hybrid tec , doing well so far
I bought a single pin slider as well but after hunted one year with it I changed my mind. So Last year i decided to go back pins. But likeed the slider too. So I went with a hha slider 3 pin. When my sight is on 20 yards on my slider tape. My top pin is 20 and next two pins are 30 and 40. Then for the slider is set where my top pin goes with the slider option as well an it runs to 80. I like the setup. Cause hunting yards I don't have to touch anything and it saves time in the stand. Cause I can't just through a stop sign out there for deer to quilt walking when he is were I want him to be when I want to shoot him.
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