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He's looking good!

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I was wondering if this guy made it after not seeing anything of him since September. Checked my cameras last weekend and he is the first pic I got.
I'm anxious to see him compared to last year.

Last year

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That's an awesome buck! Can't wait to see him finished out and then the tailgate pic.
Absolutely beautiful. Good luck with him!
He looks great. Especially with the length he had last year. He should get interesting this month.
That's an awesome buck! Can't wait to see him finished out and then the tailgate pic.
You and me both! I will post pics as I get them.
Gonna be fun to watch him grow. Thanks for sharing.
You have his summer range! I have the same problem all my big ones change location on me right when season starts and come right on back the following summer!
I think you are right, just when I figured out his pattern late last summer he dissapeared
He needs a ride in the back of the truck! You got a real special deer man good luck with him
Thanks man, Im going to pull my cards later on today hopefully he's still hanging around.
Yikes! This is going to be fun to watch for the next two and a half months!!!!
Very nice! Feel like I'm watching a flippin' tv series waiting for the most recent updates every week. Keep them coming!
I'm glad you are enjoying them, I know I sure am.

Any guesses on his age? This is the third year I've been watching him.
Man if he sticks around, I know somebody who aint gonna sleep a wink September 30th!
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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