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Holmes County Pull Early July

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Good looking pics! That one guy is going to be a good one
LOVE that palmation!!!! Can't wait to see what comes of him!
That last ones gonna be a freak!! Good deer!
Looking good, keep them coming. Thanks for sharing.
Be interesting to see what that last one winds up looking like. He looks so young.
Little Moose

The palmated deer is actually 3.5 years old this season. The first picture is him at 1.5 during gun season. The second picture at 2.5 was during archery season last year. I never saw him again but someone else may have.


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That's awesome that you've gotten him 3 years now. Is he going to be on the list this year or getting another pass?
That buck with the palmation is going to be nice! Cool pictures!
That last deer has a lot of potential for sure and I would let him go till at least 4.5 and then take him out for dinner. Let him go so he can grow. Good management =good deer! Letting him go another year will also let him spread his seeds to other does for future bucks in the area. But the bottom line is shoot what ever makes YOU happy. Good luck with him.
Back in the mid 80s when i was a kid i killed a 13pt that looks a lot like that deer. We were both young and Back then he was a giant and I couldn't have been happier. The taxi said it was his first set of horns but I think he might have been a little older( prolly 2.5). But I now look at that deer mounted on my wall and wondered what his potential could have been if we just knew now back then.
Looking good, if one of those palmated dudes finally makes it to 5-6, they will be world class probably
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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