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How many kayakers on the freshwater forum?

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I started a new hobby back in March and I love it!

When I first bought it:

After I touched it up:

Few recent trips:

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My wife and i just got us some this weekend, we loved them, lets here some places to try them out on. We put in at Twin harbors and paddled down to Overlook point at the Res.
I'm waiting for the same kayak in a 10' to go back into production (end of July estimate) and I'm getting a couple for me n the spousal unit. Digging on my new canoe right now though. [cool]
Wish there were some good places up my way to kayak
I just upgraded to a Old Town Predator. Best kayak I've sat in. I can sit in it all day with no problems. Also love being able to stand in it.

Pelahatchie creek is a nice paddling trip. Put in at the Pelahatchie trading post and go back under the bridge.
I float the Tallahatchie from Graham Lake to the Hwy. 7 bridge quite a bit. My buddy and I are talking about doing an overnight trip, putting in on the Tippah River (Chewalla Creek) in Potts Camp and going to the Hwy. 7 bridge. Hoping to have my yaks by then, because I'm pretty sure there's going to be some pulling at the end of the Tippah. It gets pretty small, before it hits the canal. [omg]
I picked up an older model Old Town Predator K111 the other day but haven't been able to take it out much. Love it! Good workout too. Taproot, that sounds like a fun trip. Always wanted to do that when I lived in NEMS.
I got my kayak in December. It has been a lot of fun to fish and hunt with. I have the same one as Olemossy has.

Taproot how long does it take to make that float?
Great pictures and a good job on the Yak.
Were all pictures taken on the same body of water ?
Taproot how long does it take to make that float?
2-3 hours paddling. I use a little motor power and run back upriver a bit (if needed), so I may be off a click. Not much current downstream, right now.
Tap We've got a camp about 2 miles from graham lake road. That trip in a yak sounds fun
Tap We've got a camp about 2 miles from graham lake road. That trip in a yak sounds fun
Made the trip in my canoe a week or so ago, with some friends. Fun stuff. Not much paddling or floating on this one. That trolling motor will shonuff push that canoe. [laugh]

We stopped at the pipeline and fished, but got caught in a pretty bad storm.

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Got a Apex Angler 10' "sit on top". Love it. Been on the pearl river and the Rez. Great exercise. Got some great photos of a nice gator on a fallen tree. Up close and personal. Lol.

Gonna get another just in case someone else wants to join me. Going alone isn't always fun.

The Camo job is very nice, but I want to be able to be seen in open water

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Anyone try putting in at Ratiff ferry and padding upriver. I went up today to check it out and saw some boats going very fast in the narrow parts of the river.
I would go below the spillway. Less boat traffic and several large sandbars to relax on.
Great pictures.
Anybody ever go above the low head dam on the Pearl ?
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