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Hunting rest and sight suggestions.

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I'm going to put my whisker biscuit and Tru Glo sight on my daughters new bow so I need something new. I want something affordable and idiot proof. Suggestions for both are appreciated.
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Trophy taker makes great mid range cost equipment ,
I just switched from a trophy ridge react which was really nice but I love the HHA single pin and I love my qad hdx as far as rest.
I've got the Trophy Ridge Revolution rest on my bow and the React sight by them as well. Both the rest and sight are great IMO. I think the rest runs anywhere from $50-$60 and the sight is anywhere from $125-$150. P
I'm not goin' to say it's necesarilly affortable, but I've shot HHA single pin sights for several years now and really like them.
Check out the Trophy Taker Smackdown FC or Smackdown Pro. I'm shooting the Smackdown Pro, and its hands down the quietest rest I've ever shot. They can be run off the limb or cable, so you have options.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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