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Hunting WMA Food Plots

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So I'm a new hunter and planning on killing my first deer next season. I've been reading, watching videos and pouring over online maps of WMAs in my area. I'm probably going to focus on Red Creek primarily. One thing I noticed is that it is dotted with food plots with trails leading from the main roads to them. I guess the idea is you park on the main road and use the trail to access the food plot quietly? It seems as though all this easy access to these food plots are going to cause a lot of pressure on them very quickly. Won't the deer just go nocturnal and only feed on them at night? Is it "bad form" to push past the food plot in search of bedding areas? I guess I just don't want to anger the locals by scenting up the food plot by travelling through it looking for hotter sign. Thanks.
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Food plots are hit or miss on WMAs. Some of the openings you see may not even get planted. Right now is an excellent time to scout. The trails are well worn and wet so they will stand out like cattle paths. Take notes and go back to those places next fall to scout more.
You are correct that you will park at the road and walk in. However, I would not hunt a plot on public just due to the increased pressure. Find a branch and try to hunt the ridge. If there is a plot in the vicinity, you may have some luck seeing activity traveling to and from.
I had a camera on a southeast WMA all season looking over a food plot. 98% of the deer activity was not during daylight.
What CMyers said above, most WMA's plots will primarily have night time usage. If you archery hunt, there is an NWR on the coast that get's little pressure during the season.
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