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I guess a good primer coat at their expense

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Bought some paint for the consoles in the boat at Walmart. They (computer) mixed it by the Glidden number on the chart and got it home and it was way too light and looked like it had more of a blue tint to it to me than dark grey. So took it back and had them mix me a quart of the darkest grey Glidden's offers in exterior 100% Acrylic Latex paint (on the chart it looks very dark). The guy shows it to me before sealing the can and I question him right then that it still did not look as dark as the chart was showing it and not actually dark grey. He said that was due to the fluorescent lights in the store (what do I know I am not a painter). So I take it home and when I start painting the consoles I am thinking this is still not dark grey but things do look different when applied some times so i continue and paint both consoles. So now they're both dark bluish grey or something. So I guess I am just going to have to go back and have them mix some charcoal up if I am going to get anything even close to what I am wanting. I am trying to match the dark grey that is in my seats but evidently Glidden's idea of dark grey is much different than the seat company's idea of dark grey. By the way, the seats are truly dark grey. On the good side though I did get a good base/primer coat on them though at Walmart's expense because the paint is going back to them this evening. Oh yea, in my ignorance of paint I have to ask the guy what do I use to clean brushes with 100% Acrylic Latex paint and he sell me a $7 bottle of paint thinner. I looked it up on the web when I got home and (most of you I am sure know this) but you clean 100% Acrylic latex paint with water.[rolleyes][glare] So that stuff is going back too.
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