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Is fishing just fishing?

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Good evening guys, I've posted another entry into my blog. Check it out and let me know what you think. I have to video blog posts coming this week, but the videos are on my phone in New Orleans while I'm sitting here in San Antonio. [angry]

Anyway, until then I hope you enjoy!


Tight lines and God Bless!

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Very good brother. I am the same way. I enjoy catching any fish but I am out there for a single purpose. I still enjoy myself each time whether I accomplish that purpose or not but I am out there for a purpose. I am a troutaholic and the bigger the better. I will leave a school of bull reds in a blink if I know I can go some where else and catch trout. It is what drives me to be on the water.
I've thoroughly enjoyed your blogs. I think I enjoy them so much because I know exactly how you feel about chasing Sheila. (The name I've always used to refer to big female trout)
For me I am always looking for Bertha.
Ive meet quite a few people who've had their own special name for fish.
Great read again, your one of the folks i can see that fishing is more than fishing, seems like a passion. For most anglers these days it has to be part passion when you think about it, i mean by the time you equip yourself(this list would be too long to type) then figure the time you spend pursuing the fish, it would almost have to be a given that fish would be cheaper to buy.

For some of us who have'nt gotten to the 'passion' phase of fishing yet it plays more of 'get away for awhile' part in our lives, no matter what we catch or are trying to catch. There is no day of fishing though, either by yourself or with family or friends, that you do'nt create some positive memories, even getting blanked fishing is a more positive experience and creates better memories than most of the other activities that some pursue or have pursued.

Hope i catch that ONE fish that turns it from a hobby to passion.[biggrin]...soon

...and again, thanks for your posts, you do'nt have to share but you choose to, says alot about you and your passion for the sport sir.

I'm going to put this in an edit to keep from cluttering up a great thread...
Yeah wetland man and wildbill i totally can relate this to hunting but mine would be turkey hunting.Spent years and years honing my turkey hunting and when it got common to limit out on our leases i moved to public lands where they were alot harder to hunt. as soon as i figured them out i lost interest pretty fast. I'm just now learning how challenging saltwater fishing can be and all the different species you have to figure out and it is fast becoming an obsession and if i keep reading the bull i can see it getting worse!!!...
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Fishingdonk, you summed it up. Knowing Chris, for him it is a passion, a very targeted one. I'll describe it like this.....for me, due to my upbringing deer hunting is a big deal for our family therefore I have an interest in getting ready late summer, and climbing trees in the fall and winter with my wife and boys. Now around deer hunting weekends, I love to go trout fishing, but due to my limited amount of time in a week, hunting usually gets a larger portion if my thought and extracurricular time. Once deer season is over, my fishing mode kicks back in. For Chris and others like him, his passion is but one thing (outside his family and God both of which come first for him), catching that mule trout is their only target. He loves pursuing those speckled monsters as much as I love now hunting big bucks and catching trout...combined. Now when someone like Chris focuses his attention to that one objective and that someone has the skills and hardware to carry it out, chances are that something is getting hooked in the face!

Great read Chris. Thought provoking as usual.
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Great read as usual. As for me when I deer hunt I'm hunting the buck. I will set my stand up and let the smaller legal bucks and does pass waiting on the chance at a mature buck. I've had seasons where I didn't shoot a single deer but saw plenty and learned a lot about when they move and how they live. The following year would be a great year harvesting several bucks each bigger than the one before. When I fish I'm sort of the same way. I constantly tweek my gear and move from east to west trying to get on the big bite. As much as I like to use artificals, I'll drive the extra miles to get live croakers when they are available because I believe they consistently catch bigger fish. I give a lot of fish away prolly 50/50 and I especially enjoy meeting other fishermen at the landing or out in the water and sharing tactics and tips. So for me it's a passion and a pleasure. I've never had a bad time fishing. Sorry for the long post.
very well written Salt, enjoyed reading it!

I think you know where I stand on this sort of topic!

But I will say, I thoroughly enjoy any time with rod being cast! A few days ago on the T-buffa, I caught a few blue gill on a cane pole at my parents' house as the sun was setting.... awesome afternoon! But there is a difference inside for specs, especially when sliding on some waders.
Amen on the waders TM
My take is a little different. I have alot of respect for you guys that have the obsession because I believe most of you are students of the sport and try and learn every little trick you can for success. This will always make you better at your craft than a person like me. Success for me is being out on the water with my friends and family and enjoying the trip more than the catch. Don't get me wrong I definitely like catching, but I am just as content handling the boat and doing all the B.S. while everyone else fishes. My son I believe is becoming obsessed, with which species I'm not yet sure. it will probably be like his obsession with ducks. It doesn't matter to him if its a mallard or a spoonie he loves shooting them all.
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