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Island Trout Action

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Had a chance to do a little trout fishing this weekend with my son. We had a late start Saturday, but finally arrive to our spot around 11:30am. We fished until 3:30 and had a great time. There was plenty of action with a lot of school trout mixed in the good ones. We caught and release around 20 or more smaller trout. The ones Saturday were caught on soft plastics even though I tried numerous of times on topwater lures. Total for Saturday was 25 trout and 2 reds. We ran back out early Sunday morning and arrived before day break. I had high hopes that these trout were still there and the early topwater action would be awesome. After throwing the topwater for about an hour with no success, I went back to plastics and we ended up catching the end of the bite. We ended up with 12 trout and one small red which was released.


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Very nice. Really good size average on those fish too.
Nice haul. Which island?
Nice haul. Which island?
I'm not gonna say which but I seen them out there. Haha Nice fishies
That's getting it done! nice job
Some pretty fish!
I'm not gonna say which but I seen them out there. Haha Nice fishies
So it was PeShorncat island? I knew it from the background.
Awe heck yea. Let me get out of these Tennesee mountains and I'm headed to Horn! Those are really nice trout man!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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