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Jasper County, Illinois?

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Anyone here ever deer hunted in Jasper County, Illinois? What kind of quality can be expected in that area of the state?
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I am surprised Jacob hasnt spoken up. I know he has hunted illinois. not sure where exactly
I've never hunted that area, I've hunted Schuyler county for a couple years. I'm not familiar with that area of Illinois, but I'm sure there's good hunting. Sorry I can't help ya
No matter which state you hunt, the particulars of the individual property matters, along with what happens on the adjacent land. We were a couple of counties north in Illinois, with a two tracts in Jasper. One was great, the other not so much!
The recent outbreak of EHD could have drastically affected that area, and would be a big concern if I was still hunting there. In the past, we had very minor issues up in Clark county, when Jasper got hit hard.
Hunting out of state without a trusted source of information is a roll of the dice... Good luck!
ive hunted pike and brown counties for a long time. Quality of bucks are down even in the best counties in the state. EHD has been tough on the entire midwest.
stopped hunting because too expensive and i lost the lease.

now chasing in northern mizzou and southern iowa.

i still love chasing them in illinois and it will always be one of my top destinations because it will still produce giants. just not as many
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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