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Just got a new Squirrel Dog.

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I just got a new squirrel dog 3 weeks ago.  She is half blackmouth cur an half mountain cur.  She is a year old and the people who had before me didnt hunt her at all, however I know where she came from and the guy raises some fine squirrel dogs.  First time in the woods she was treeing.  I am so pleased with her, oh and she was free.  Eventually I would like to get some pups off her but im gonna wait for right now.  I killed 19 with her the first 2 weeks I had her and thats just little short trips around the house.  What I plan on doing is breeding her (Eventually) to another good squirrel dog and keep a pup for myself and let the other pups go for free or for cheap cheap.  I know alot of people would love a squirrel dog and dont wanna pay "hundreds" of dollars for one..  Anyways just thought I would share that..
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