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Hey bud you catching any white trout? We were on zillions on one of the reefs but they had disappeared from that spot last time we fished it.
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Not all that many lately but haven't fished for them. Been getting a lot of ground mullet mixed in with the trout and flounder though.
Just really haven't heard about many folks on a good white trout bite lately and was curious since the ones we were catching with the specks just disappeared.
Two Sundays ago (the 6th) we did pretty decent on them while speck fishing. We would get bit every cast on artificials for anout an hour. Later we went back and caught some more on shrimp but the bite wasn't as fast. I haven't heard of anyone going recently, but I know I'd love some crispy filets
I won't start fishing for the whites again till sept/oct....will be on the specs and flounder till then. Past week with the moon cycle I've been on a softshell search. Haven't been killing them but done ok going 8 times picking up between 12 and 30 a night so put a fare amount up for the camp(well the ones I didn't eat already anyways...it's hard to save those knowing they are sitting in the freezer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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