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Kayak Light

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Boating safety got me thinking. I don't kayak nearly what I used to but have some plans to do some evening trips in a week or so. One thing I always have day or night is my Shake It light from Paddle Punks who make the woohoo flounder light top water uses. The white PVC with reflective tape helps day or night when your boat is between swells or around a corner in a bayou. The light gives a 360 white. Fits right in the rod holder snugly, won't snag if you hit it on a back cast and turns on with a shake instead of having to fool with switches.

Would work well on a small boat as well. I think these guys flounder lights are getting popular but the light is a great idea that with all the new kayakers around thought people should know about.
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Best I can do right now but they have a couple other pictures on their website. Paddlepunks.com
Pretty cool looking.
I don't have this exact light but I do have one. Under my light I fly an orange triangle flag as well. My Yak is chartruse and I try to wear a bright colored shirt when I go out. I'd rather overkill than be overrun.
I didn't want to use up a rod holder for my light, so I got the Yakattack Light from Eveything Kayak in Gulfport. My kayak has the track system on it and I got the light with the track mount on the bottom. I LOVE this light.
Yeah I have a milk crate on mine I built three holders on so I have more room than I need which makes this perfect
This is what I use. Made it from PVC. It also doubles as a Go Pro Mount. Since this pic, I added the reflective tape.

The light is a LED for $3 from Academy....water proof and lasts over 200 hours.
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