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Kind of at a stand still

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Waiting on the fuel line I have ordered for the boat. as soon as it comes in I have to get the battery for the outboard so I can see what I have going on with the Yamaha. Besides that and picking up and installing the carpet and the control cables there is nothing left to do. Anyone ever actually put new seals in a power trim and tilt?
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SJ, I would get someone that knows what they doin, hydrolic's can be tricky, you wouldn't want to get in a bind on the water? That's just me. I am confident to try almost anything, but then again I know my limits. Good luck, Buddy,
chjones when I get it done most likely will have it professionally done. I am not a total klutz with a wrench but I am limited.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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